Seeking Adventurous Bakers!

At our meeting last April, food historian Stephen Schmidt gave an interesting talk about historical American cooking and the Manuscript Cookbook Survey for which he is the principal researcher and writer. He also provided us with some historical recipes that our volunteers prepared. It was so much fun sampling the historic foods that we want to repeat this culinary adventure at our annual meeting. It will be a perfect complement to Dr. Sportman’s archaeology program coming up on September 20th. 

Mr. Schmidt has provided us with an additional assortment of pre-1865 recipes, both savory and sweet. He has modernized the ingredient measurements and provided detailed instructions. Are you brave enough to try a historical recipe? If you’re up to the challenge, please contact the museum at (860) 429-6575 or and we will send you the recipes to choose from. The historical foods at our April meeting were all delicious and much enjoyed. Please help us make this happen again! 

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